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From Distraction To Destiny

Every day we get to choose. While there are things we are obligated to do like our jobs, providing for family needs, and stewarding our money, there are some things we can choose. The choices you are making today will either propel you forward or distract you from destiny.

We can all choose:

We can choose to put the phone away and do the real work of finding out why we're here.

We can stop complaining and be the difference we want to see in the world.

We can invest in the tools that will bring life to the vision in our hearts.

We can stop and seriously consider God's creation and our place in it and move based on what we learn.

While we all have those choices, we all don't exercise them. Why do some pursue destiny while others live lives of distraction? If you find yourself constantly missing the goals you set for yourself, you might be allowing distractions to interfere with destiny.

I used to give away seats at the Intensive, but the recipients never wrote books...
Invest in your dream of writing a book!

Pause: Does the word 'destiny' make you uncomfortable? It is a seven letter word that presumes you are not an accident and were created for purpose. Consider for a moment that you are not a random collection of cells, but uniquely equipped spiritually to solve a problem. You, however, must put the natural work with the spiritual equipping.

So, what distractions will you forego to spiritually find "you?" And what investments will you make in that person's destiny?

Michele Aikens is a author, minister and executive coach. You can connect with her here:


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