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Are You Hungry Enough?

"My food," said Jesus, "is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work." (John 4:34 NIV)

This scripture passage goes beyond the religious context and speaks about the search for purpose that drives each of us. Imagine the overwhelming choices in front of you, like a large banquet tempting your senses until decision paralysis sets in. Even though you are hungry, the sheer weight of options—considering taste, convenience, and availability—leaves you too fatigued to even take a bite.

Just like pursuing your true purpose can feel like navigating through a huge banquet of possibilities. The journey for this nourishment requires resilience and courage, like finding the strength to choose nourishment at a dizzying buffet. When your actions are in line with your calling, the rewards go beyond the material. When your spirit and soul are in sync with the body's work, there is fulfillment that can only be described as sustenance, as in the passage above.

But embracing this journey requires a hunger—a hunger not merely for sustenance but for purpose, for authenticity. Lately I find myself thinking of the wisdom in movies like 'The Matrix.' Many of us, like those in the movie, are drifting through routine without acknowledging the hunger within us. We follow the script: rising each day, fulfilling obligations, interacting with others, all the while hitting the 'snooze button' on our heart's desire for deeper meaning.

Our junk food living, the pursuit of outward success, money, and relationships, leave us occupied but still hungry. "What is missing?", we think to ourselves. "Who would understand that with all I have, there is still a heart that is starving?", we think with some embarrassment. Material wealth and popularity can never fully satisfy this hunger. No, this hunger requires searching and the pursuit of your purpose. This hunger will change you if you dare to pursue it.

So, I ask you: Are you hungry enough to embark on this journey of finding your "Why"? Are you prepared to heed the call of your soul, to seek nourishment not just for the body but for the essence of you were created to be?


Michele Aikens is a minister, author and CEO of Clear Sight Coaching & Consulting, Inc.. You can reach her here:

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