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Gratitude & Possibilities

I was visiting my friend in Louise who lives in another state. When I travel there with my husband we always stay at the same hotel where I also take office hours. I've gotten to know some of the staff, particularly one of the managers. Mourning the loss of her husband a couple of years ago, she said that seeing my husband and me together always made her smile. Over visits during our talks, we developed a warm, but casual acquaintance. Despite her friendly personality, there was always something just behind the smile that looked like a "checking out". On one of my visits last year, I gave her a copy of Consider The Possibilities and asked her to tell me what she thought of it when I came back.

I was surprised when, in a subsequent visit, she said, "I've been waiting for you all. I have something for you." She has been buying little trinkets to give away to people as a way of cheering them up. She said, "I'm collecting some things for a homeless person I see frequently. My heart is opening up. I'm writing a new script." My gift was a little bluebird of happiness. She doesn't look checked out anymore but is engaging in life.

Sometimes things happen -- painful, puzzling, life-changing things that leave us reeling and paralyzed at the same time. Sometimes nothing has happened, but suddenly everything is different. Processing the changes in life can be hard, but you don't have to do it alone. If you are ready to take a step, I invite you to consider the possibilities with us.

April 3rd starts our next "Clarity Over 50" cohort. April 4th starts the Bootcamp for Coaches and Consultants. Both five-week sessions are online. Whether you need to sort out life, or investigate business, you are invited to join us. The links are at the end of this article, and I even made a video today. 😜

While you are stuck in indecision, time is still moving. Get up and let's go. Information registration links are below.

Clarity Over 50:

Bootcamp for Coaches and Consultants:

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